By advocating for the right policy and regulatory environments, we help foster innovation and prompt economic growth in Europe.

Our engagement is grounded in a commitment to four principles:

  • Cloud ecosystems should enable a variety of service providers.
  • Cloud ecosystems should enable customers of all sizes to have flexibility and choice in how they build their clouds.
  • Cloud ecosystems should provide customers with fair and clear licensing terms, making their products and services available to the broadest set of customers.
  • Cloud ecosystems should respect European rules, values, and concerns.


The Alliance represents the entire cloud value chain in Europe. We welcome any organisation operating in Europe that views the cloud as a route to growth and innovation and can commit to  supporting our principles. Members are encouraged to commit as much time and effort as they can to supporting the Alliance.  

What we aim to achieve


We showcase success stories of European businesses transformed through cloud adoption.

We share best practices that demonstrate the benefits of the cloud.

We highlight the contributions of the cloud to the acceleration of European economic growth.


We champion favourable policy and regulatory frameworks for the development of the cloud.

We educate businesses, governments and consumers on the best ways to advance cloud adoption.

We mobilise stakeholders to support the development of a positive regulatory environment.