We believe that a balanced set of policy, commercial and technical solutions are needed to promote the positive change presented by cloud technologies. Our engagement is grounded in a commitment to three principles:

  • We build the understanding and trust that is essential to the growth of cloud usage in Europe
  • We promote a policy environment that supports cloud adoption in Europe
  • We promote best practices in order to encourage organisations to transform their businesses through the cloud

By showing the benefits of the cloud through real-life examples and advocating for the right policy and regulatory environments, our work will generate the confidence in the cloud necessary to spur its adoption.

Our Policy Agenda

Our fundamental policy remit is to promote a regulatory environment that will support cloud adoption.  To that end, we will both address long-term structural questions and be opportunistic in dealing with relatively discreet regulatory matters of concern to our members.

As a starting point, we are focusing on three issues:

  • Organizational Privacy and Clarity over Control and Access to Data
  • Digital Transformation of Industry
  • Interoperability

We hope to contribute to the debate in each of these areas, which are all under consideration by policymakers and are of fundamental concern to our members.  We will adjust our focus areas as necessary to reflect developments, under the direction of the Alliance’s steering committee, which shall be guided by member input.

Promoting Our Brand

To establish our credibility as an organization, expand our membership, and ultimately make us more effective as both cloud evangelists and advocates for a positive regulatory environment, we will undertake a series of targeted activities showcasing the product and service offerings of our members.


As a first step, we will launch a “Cloud in Action” roadshow featuring demos of our members.  We will target this activity at conferences and national association events.  Our audiences will naturally be driven by the nature of the events themselves, but we will make special efforts to ensure that they include a good mix of policymakers and potential members.


We will also look for speaking and presentation opportunities at conferences, for both members and our executive director.


All our activities will include a PR component meant to amplify our messages and grow the profile of our organization and the business activities of our members.

Membership and Governance

The Alliance represents the entire cloud value chain. We welcome any European organisation that views the cloud as a route to growth and innovation and can commit to upholding support for our principles. Members are encouraged to commit as much time and effort as they can to supporting the Alliance.  There are no fees associated with membership.


We expect membership of the Alliance will grow sharply in our first six months. In order to ensure the Alliance can operate successfully during this time, a temporary steering committee will be established to undertake key decisions and sign off an initial work plan. The steering committee will convene on a regular basis. It is proposed that the committee consist of four representatives from member organisations, each with a single vote on any decisions. In the event of a tied vote, the Executive Director will cast a deciding ballot.


The full membership will be invited to attend at least one formal Alliance meetings per year. The purpose of these meetings will be to review Alliance activities and agree a forward-looking agenda. The secretariat will organise conference calls and online meetings in which members will be encouraged to participate. In addition, regular updates and newsletters will be circulated amongst members.

What we aim to achieve


We showcase success stories of European businesses transformed through cloud adoption


We share best practices that demonstrate the benefits of the cloud


We highlight the contributions of the cloud to the acceleration of European economic growth


We champion favourable policy and regulatory frameworks for the development of the cloud


We educate businesses, governments and consumers on the best ways to advance cloud adoption


We mobilise stakeholders to support the development of a positive regulatory environment