Frequently Asked Questions

What is the European Cloud Alliance?

The European Cloud Alliance brings together businesses across the cloud value chain to promote the advantages of the cloud, and to provide an authoritative voice on cloud-related policy issues. We represent those that use, create, and provide cloud services across Europe.

What is Microsoft’s role with respect to the European Cloud Alliance?

Microsoft was the original sponsor of the ECA and has worked with the organisation on cloud policy issues of mutual concern for many years. Microsoft funds and is a Working Member of the ECA.

Who are the members?

The ECA is open to membership from any organisation operating in Europe that views the cloud as a route to growth and innovation and can commit to supporting our principles. A full list of member organisation is published on our website.

Who is responsible for management of the ECA?

Kim Gagné is the Executive Director of the ECA. APCO Worldwide operates as the ECA’s Secretariat. The ECA’s Board of Advisors, made up of representative member organisations, assists in the setting of the ECA’s policy agenda.

What are the benefits of membership?

The European Cloud Alliance is dedicated to supporting and promoting successful use of the cloud in Europe. Our members enjoy a range of benefits, including opportunities to:

  • Promote their own successes.
  • Network with cloud service providers and users across a range of sectors.
  • Influence the policy agenda across Europe in ways that will encourage use of the cloud.
  • Participate in regular events that advance our goals.

To find out more about the benefits of joining the European Cloud Alliance, read about our core principles here.

What are the obligations of membership?

Members must commit to supporting our principles. They are encouraged to commit as much time and effort as they can to supporting the ECA.