About the European Cloud Alliance

Cloud technology is at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution and has the power to drive transformation in every corner of Europe, helping businesses and organisations innovate, grow and compete on a global scale. The impact of the cloud goes far beyond economics; cloud technologies have the potential to positively transform many aspects of our communities, societies and daily lives. The cloud can drive significant progress in healthcare, transport, finance, government and education – all of which can open new opportunities and improve quality of life for citizens across Europe.

The European Commission has acknowledged the potential of the cloud as a “key enabler for growth, productivity and job creation, capable of generating benefits for citizens, businesses and public administrations.” Got right, cloud computing could contribute €450 billion of value added to EU GDP by 2020.

For this potential to be realised, we need to break down the barriers to cloud adoption and demonstrate the positive impact cloud services have. We also need to step in to provide clarity, confidence and candour in the difficult debates and decisions around these technologies. It is vital that legislators and regulators are well informed and able to make decisions that promote positive outcomes while ensuring fundamental rights are protected.

The European Cloud Alliance exists to provide an informed forum for debate, a powerful force for promotion and a sharp focus for advocacy.

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