Member – EuroAtlantic

Incorporated in 1996, EuroAtlantic Consulting is a multi-strategy consulting and business development firm combining public and private sector experience with international relations, investment, EU affairs, and government relations. Independently owned by private individuals, EuroAtlantic is a regional group that operates offices in Budapest, Brussels, Bucharest, Belgrade and Washington, DC; maintains representation in Vienna and Tel Aviv. Through partnership management, EuroAtlantic has competencies and capabilities across most of the Central Eastern European region. Our principals are long-term business executives with decades of management, advisory and international experience, investors, former high level public officials, including the European Union.

EuroAtlantic delivers solutions and decision-making support to C-Suite executives based on a combination of research, analysis, and networking. We provide a Hungarian base for Central and Eastern European business activities while offering investment opportunities to our clients in Hungary and in the region, most of all in energy, defence and cyber technologies, healthcare and finance. We introduce business opportunities in Hungary, and we provide access to a network of Hungarian and Central-European C-level executives. We develop, negotiate, and implement soft landing scenarios and provide prime access to the innovation ecosystem. We support our partners to better assess their business strategies by collecting and analyzing decision-useful information and shaping favorable business and policy environments.

EuroAtlantic is focusing on cloud related policy issues to create a healthy competitive environment for the benefit of the local economies. We believe that utilizing the benefits of cloud lowers the bar for enterprises in practically all sectors to enter the market with exciting new offerings. Our clientele – both in the public and private sectors – requires clear rules, easy-to-follow local, EU-level and transatlantic regulations, affordable technology offerings to effectively address the numerous risks, challenges and opportunities of digitization, mass data collection, AI and immediate responsiveness to economic or political changes of which we are facing a lot these days.