Member – IC Solutions

Our business focus is data digitization and helping organizations move to much more effective paperless solutions. We do that by combining multiple types of methods into one platform. Our product can digitize documents using digital pens on normal paper or using tablets (both with a legally valid biometric signature) – this allows to not store the paper version at all. That is supplemented by scanners to process existing paper archives. And finally we are building purely electronic signature options such as qualified electronic signature or national ID cards.

Looking ahead, cloud is our best way to scale in the EU market without worrying about server resources. Our customers constantly increase their usage of our platform albeit most use it on-premise. These are quite large organizations most of the time. However looking into a growing SMB SaaS opportunity in the area and having experienced a significant increase in the number of customers approaching us for solutions, we see that cloud is our best bet for scalability. From my side there’s also a much bigger trust to cloud services then smaller companies providing VPS or collocation services in terms of compliance and reliability.