Letter from Our Executive Director

Letter from Our Executive Director

Welcome to the European Cloud Alliance. We are a consortium of businesses across the cloud value chain who have come together to promote the advantages of the cloud, and to provide an authoritative voice on cloud-related policy issues.

Cloud technology is driving transformation in every corner of Europe, helping businesses and organisations innovate, grow and compete on a global scale. The Alliance helps enable new ways of working, new products and services, and even new business models.

Our organisation is exclusively dedicated to supporting successful use of the cloud in Europe. Our work is organized on the principle that increased trust in the cloud will accelerate its usage. We promote awareness of the advantages of the cloud, and work to ensure a regulatory environment that promotes cloud adoption.

The Alliance provides a powerful voice for promotion and a sharp focus for advocacy:



  • We showcase success stories of European businesses transformed through cloud adoption
  • We share best practices that demonstrate the benefits of the cloud
  • We highlight the contributions of the cloud to the acceleration of European economic growth



  • We champion favourable policy and regulatory frameworks for the development of the cloud
  • We educate businesses, governments and consumers on the best ways to advance cloud adoption
  • We mobilize stakeholders to support the development of a positive regulatory environment


The effectiveness of the Alliance ultimately rests on the strength and involvement of its membership, and we are actively recruiting companies from across the entire cloud value chain to join our ranks. We welcome the participation of any European organisation that views the cloud as a route to growth and innovation. Equally welcome are developers and software vendors creating value through the cloud.

We are grateful to Microsoft for its support in the launch of this initiative, which we hope will excite business, consumers and governments to the benefits of the cloud. There is no cost to joining the Alliance – only the promise of excellent opportunities to promote cloud adoption through the showcasing of its benefits and assistance in overcoming any barriers to its adoption.

Elsewhere on this page you will find information regarding how to join the Alliance. Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss how we might join together to promote the growth of cloud usage across Europe.


Kim Gagné
Executive Director